Join the power of meme and utility , to take you to the moon and beyond

a meme token that combines the fun and excitement of meme culture , charity with the power of decentralized finance. Our token, PEPEL, is designed to be a community-driven asset that provides holders with a range of benefits, including staking, NFT rewards, and the ability to shape the future of the project through decentralized governance


PEPE LOVE INU is a community-driven token with the first ever vote to earn system. We are delighted with how successful PEPE has been in the world of cryptocurrencies and we want to become a part of it, creating something really great with unique solutions.
We are a group of young people hungry for success on a global scale. We want PEPEL to become something more, a part of our lives, not just in the form of a meme or emoji sent on Twitch or Discord. PEPEL is our vision with which we want to flood the world of cryptocurrencies!


Strong Community

Those who invest in $PEPEL are part of a dedicated community supported by the project, which can increase investor confidence and security.


100% SAFU to invest! Our smart contract is built by top security company, coinsult and has a SAFU Badge as well as Audit approved by PinkSale. The project has granted KYC Badge, all these in a bid to ensure maximum member securiy.

Exclusive Benefits

Holders of $PEPEL will be eligible for exclusive benefits such as discounts on products or services offered by the project's partners.

Play to earn pepel

Integrating a play-to-earn (P2E) game with NFTs on your platform can be an exciting way to attract attention from the crypto community and potentially increase investor interest in the pepeloveinu project.

Vote to Earn

Like a vip pass, the pepel token will serve as the community and holders power to make decisions that has to do with the community. This will ensure adequate participation.


There are no fees, no frills, and no shady business. Just straight-up utility and fun.



Phase 1

  • Website and Whitepaper
  • Community Building
  • KYC & Audit
  • Global Marketing Campaign
  • Social Media Ads Campaign
  • Telegram bot test phase
  • Twitter and Discord bot testing phase

Phase 2

  • Fair Launch on Pinksale
  • AI integration with human customs - Demo
  • Viral Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • Beta phase in the platform, with staking, yield farming, DAOgovernance
  • Copytrader Statistical Analysis
  • Test phase of the Dapp
  • ×
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Phase 3

  • Available SWAP
  • Merchandising for community
  • Tier 2 CEX Listings
  • Working on P2E game
  • 10 Million MarketCap
  • Ads campaign with Crypto Ambassadors
  • NFT Marketplace release

Phase 4

  • P2E game release
  • 200 000 holders
  • 50 Million MarketCap
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  • ×
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